For Growers

If you are interested in a quality extraction of your plants, then we are the right people for you! We offer several processing options, depending on your desire. Contact us to get special offers on the first test-extraction of your product.

„Black“ Fullspectrum /Totalspectrum extract

We work with high pressure and very low temperatures to guarantee for the product’s terpens, flavonoids, and uniqueness to remain. Especially suitable for those who like to use the total spectrum of the plant, and want the original proportions of the plants cannabinoids to remain. 

Blüte flower grower cbd
Gold Black CBD
„Gold“ Fullspectrum / Chlorophyll-free extract

Due to several methods of filtering without any chemical adds, your product won’t only looking/visually appealing, but can optionally, also be more mild in the taste. Due to the cannabinoids remaining, your final product will be holistically healthy and soothing. 

For Entrepreneurs

or for those, who want to become one: The CBD market is rapidly growing, thus offering an increasing amount of unique possibilities. But it is important to have a knowledgeable and reliable partner by your side. Benefit from our know-how, as well as from our contacts to several experienced farmers, in order to realize your projects!

„White Lable“ extract 

You want to offer your customers your own product, with your own logo and and your own brand? Don’t be satisfied with the second best option and ask us about our ‘White Label’ products!
We’re looking forward to advising you towards bringing your own CBD products to the market!

Lohndestillation estrazione conto terzi CBD Destillat
Lohndestilation Extrakt destillieren estrazione conto terzi destillazione CBD
Destillation for Costumer

We also offer to transform any of your already existing extract into a high quality distillates. 
Due to our Short—Path-Distillator, (made by the company VTA in Germany), we are prepared to transform bigger amounts of extract in golden distillates for you. Don’t just mix crystals with liquids, to vaporize them! Instead go for high quality and an authentic taste!

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