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Wellcome to GianTec! Wether you’re a grower, entrepreneur, reseller or ‘only’ a consumer,  and have questions about cannabis extraction, then we provide answers. Regional cultivation, competent consulting and only high quality products, free from any chemical adds.  Seize the opportunity to contact us for requests, consulting or collaboration. Don’t be satisfied with the second best option!

About us

Welcome to GianTec, We are a Molise based family buisness, that specializes on the extraction and distillation of cannabinoids. We focus on promoting regional agriculture, while solely producing natural, high-quality products, and fully reject any form of chemical additives, including the enrichment of crystals. GianTec is an Italien company with a German background, and this can be seen in all areas of the buisness; from the ‘German know-how’, to the ‘German engineering’, all driven by the Italian motto “fare una bella figura”, the German way!

Extrakt chlorophyll cbd

Our Story

GianTec was founded after a fortunate string of coincidences, which lead to three cousins and founders of GianTec, finally being able to realize their dream project. 
The current CEO of the company, Costantino Gianfrancesco, has spent the last year unifying several small hemp farmers in the Molise region, in order to organize and help them produce larger quantities of hemp seed soil.

At a dinner with his brother , Fabio Gianfrancesco, and his cousin, Giuliano Gianfrancesco, he told them of his plans, and consequently found out that Giuliano happened be an engineer for VTA, one of the World leading companies in building extraction machines for hemp. Here the idea of GianTec was born!


For the realization of their plan, they had to find a chemist. One who was willing to move to Macchiagodena, a small mountain village in the south of Italy, with a population of only 1400 people.  This is how Marius Ammereller, a doctor in chemistray and friend of Fabio and Guilano, came into play.  came into play. He immediately became fond of the idea and has been a fundamental part of the GianTec project ever since.

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